What About Bob

mary_bob_torracoHe reached out and touched my hand. It was extremely difficult for Joe to speak since the nurses only gave him a few ice chips. At 92 years old just about everything was difficult for him, especially now as he lay almost motionless in his bed at the Marina Bay Nursing Home. Joe had spent the greater part of his lifetime working. He invested wisely, and created a substantial estate. Some important decisions would have to be made over the next few months. As his family gathered around him, his daughter and two sons, he leaned over to them and gently whispered: ‘Trust Bob with the tax stuff’. He closed his eyes, and opened them a few moments later as he repeated: ‘Make sure you work with Bob.Here’s the really interesting part of the story.  When I met with Joe each time at his home in Quincy we talked for about an hour, but only 5 to 10 minutes about taxes. We talked mostly about his kids and cribbage. family_torraco_3
He really loved cribbage – how some of the “older” guys tried to cheat. With the kind of tax situation he had, Joe probably should have been working with a team of CPA’s and lawyers, but he trusted me because I was interested and concerned about the important aspects of his life.Bob Torraco, President of Torraco & Associates, does not handle taxes; he works with families to help them sort out their taxes, which at times can be confusing and frustrating for many of us. Each one of Joe’s children has established their own productive relationships with Bob just as their dad suggested the day before he passed on, and they continue to work with Bob while referring others to him.Bob Torraco lives in Braintree with his wife Mary and their two children Lauren and Maureen. Mary and Bob celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary last August. In addition to his tax practice, Bob has developed an extensive and successful financial planning business.